Creating your first project

Head over the projects menu item in the left navigation area, click on Add New.

  • Enter the project title.
  • Set your featured image.
  • Assign categories for this project.
  • Enter a small description of your project in the Case Study field.
  • Use the content editor to create any content you want about your project. You can build a gallery by clicking on Add Media button. Refer to the Building a gallery section to learn more about galleries in this theme.
  • Use the available Built-in shortcodes to create a amazing content’s layout for your projects showcases.

Project options

  • Display Title: Display the project’s title and category over the Hero Image.
  • Client: Display for which client you have worked over the Hero Image (Display Title need to be enabled).
  • Hero Image: Set a unique background image for this project. This field is optional, if you don’t upload a Hero Image, the post’s Featured Image will be used.

Building a gallery

The built-in WordPress gallery feature has been altered within the theme functions to display nice and large gallery images with the possibility to click on them to display a fullscreen slideshow with thumbnail navigation.

  • Click on Add Media button.
  • Click on Create Gallery link.
  • Upload or select your images. When done, click on Create a new gallery button (bottom right of the windows).
  • Organize your gallery, drag and drop to reorder images.
  • Within the Gallery Settings, set your images to link To Media File and set the number of columns you want to use.
  • Click on Insert gallery.

Project panel

When you hit the Projects menu items within the top main navigation, a sliding panel appear from the right of your screen. To achieve that, simply create a empty link (#) for the Project menu and assign it with the following class name trigger-overlay-projects.

Screenshot 2015-01-09 00.50.00