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Vektor Vodka

Native Spirits Limited

Industry: Import Beverage/Liquor

Scottsdale, Arizona: Imported by Native Spirits, LTD, Vektor is a Russian import ultra luxury Vodka brand. Vektor is the official Vodka of the Phoenix Sun’s basketball team, a sponsor of the U.S. Airways Center in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, and has sponsored the Phoenix International Raceway and the number 47 Bobby LaBonte NASCAR. In November of 2014, Billy Boat Motorsports partnered with Vektor to sponsor his NASCAR series #84 Chevy Camero. Vektor is sold at retail in stores such as Total Wine and BevMo as well as a long list of fine restaurants and bars across Arizona, Nevada and California.


At product launch Vektor Vodka strategically partnered with the Phoenix Suns and Phoenix International Raceway which granted them significant media coverage. Here are a few articles. Included is this quote from Native Spirits, LTD founder Mark Williams published in Arizona Foothills Magazine:

“Your bottle has a very unique design. What was the idea behind it?

One way to get people to taste Vektor is to show them the bottle. After taste, the bottle is possibly the most talked about and recognizable element of Vektor Vodka. The design is proprietary, and the logo, name, and package are registered trademarks of the company. We like to say that Vektor is “the nectar of the elite, and is worthy of serving at the high feasts of nobility, while conforming to the ideas of modern affluence”. The traditional heraldic monogram of the letter V lends to the aristocratic surnames of Russia. The name “Vektor” is somewhat masculine, so we wanted to soften it up a little. And I think it worked. I have yet to see anyone throw an empty bottle away. I have gone in homes where people had flowers in them, and there are restaurants in town that are using the empties for olive oil and balsamic on their tables. I am always getting asked if I have any bottles. I usually tell them that the best way to get one is to empty it themselves.

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