Where do good ideas come from? How do they come to fruition and what makes them execute effectively? What role does the design team you hire play in the return on your investment? These questions have long been answered by the clients who have partnered with us. Who are we? We’re your secret weapon in the race to own a target market.


on-chair1Founded in 2002 Prcevr began as a design group that focused primarily on developing products, packaging, and interactive web presentations for the toy industry under the name  SYNC Media, LLC.

Over the years we’ve seen a great deal of success in a variety of market segments. From toys and interactive new media, to health and wellness, we have mastered design presentations for more than 300 start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. In fact, our designs have helped entrepreneurs secure more than $60 million dollars in angel investor funding to date for new ventures. We’ve been trusted to develop marketing presentations for both publicly traded companies and international for-profit and non-profit organizations.

tumblr_nn84esVbzU1typl03o1_1280-1We have been awarded nationally for designs we’ve created in the areas of Branding and Advertising, Packaging, Web Design, and Product Design including an official Nomination at the 14th Annual Webby Awards as recognized by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences.

As experts in creating impression and driving perception, we believe we have an edge when it comes to corporate brand development and management. It is with great excitement we introduce you to our company, Prcevr. We help companies create sensible solutions to overcome consumer barriers to conversion answering questions in the mind and creating meaningful connections in the heart. We do this with a streamlined brand initiation and development process we call FloForward. We believe touching consumers in such a powerful way ignites passion and creates evangelistic socialization among those who are touched, thereby creating self-driven return on investment engines. We believe engagement at such a deep level doesn’t just make loyal customers, it makes loyal ambassadors.

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Scott Leuthold
Scott Leuthold
CEO & Creative Director
Aaron Stanton
Aaron Stanton
COO & Business Development
Gabrielle Simpson
Gabrielle Simpson
Rob Loy
Rob Loy
Director of Marketing
Mary Vein
Mary Vein
Marketing Manager
Steven Ferrino
Steven Ferrino
Lead Developer
Kyle Petyak
Kyle Petyak
Strategic Social Media
Lauren Wise
Lauren Wise
Alyson Titkemeyer
Alyson Titkemeyer
Keith Woods
Keith Woods
Public Relations
Brian Mitchell
Brian Mitchell
Account Rep. Promotional Marketing
Robert Moore
Robert Moore

We provide creative and strategic marketing services to a wide range of companies in a variety of industries. Here are just a few of the valued clients we have been given the opportunity to work with. Have a project? We would love to add you to our client list. Request a proposal and let us help you reach new heights.

    • Isagenix International
    • Lifelock
    • Mobile Mini
    • Carrington College
    • Athena Learning Centers
    • Stubhub
    • Tri For The Cure
    • Beyond Organic
    • Vektor Vodka
    • Taylor Freezer Sales of Arizona
    • Rebath
    • Golds Gym
    • Bad Apps
    • Maxum Group
    • JR McDade Company
    • Hawk Development
    • GEM Skin Spa
    • Jaw Hospitality Associates
    • 6 Builder
    • Applause by XM
    • Westfield NY
    • Squishland.com
    • Plaza Comapanies
    • Total Presence Management
    • Southwest Bonding and Insurance
    • 10 Hours
    • Advanced Orthopedic Institute
    • Columbia Overland
    • EOS
    • Retro Fitness Clubs
    • Strongbrook Direct
    • Token Rock
    • Arizona College
    • Credit Union West
    • Decton IT
    • DSL Northwest
    • Panda Bear Golf
    • Vinotel
    • Enova Illumination

We aren’t just any agency. With more than 10 national awards including recognition from the Webby Awards®, creative genius runs through our veins like molten lava.


Our professional experience in the realm of brand development and consumer engagement encompasses a wide range of industry verticals. Here are a few examples of the industries we’ve served. Let us help you dominate your target market.

    • Sports, Fitness and Outdoor
    • Technology and Electronics
    • Medical, Wellness and Supplments
    • Children’s Goods
    • Food and Beverage
    • Industrial and Manufacturing
    • Nonprofit Organizations
    • Online and Traditional Education
    • Financial Services and Banking
    • Music and Entertainment
    • Business to Business
    • Rental Equipment
    • Commercial/Residential Real Estate
    • Municipalities
    • Legal Consultants
    • Hospitality
    • Staffing Services
    • Social Networks (design/dev)
    • Virtual Services
    • Network Marketing
    • Franchising
We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk.

Official Nominee, 14th Annual Webby Awards
International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences

Golden Web Award
International Association of Web Masters & Designers

Website Designer Excellence Award
Chicago Internet Review

Travel Product of the Year
Dr. Toy’s Guide

Notable and Recommended Product
Oppenheim Toy Portfolio

Notable and Recommended Product
Parent’s Choice Awards

Best 100 Products
Dr. Toy’s Guide

Best Single Advertisement
Arizona Newspaper Association

Lindt Swiss Chocolate “Spirit of America” Packaging and Product Design National Competition



We are proud to support the following organizations for the advancement of our industry.